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RN Audio is a midlands based PA hire company offering quality
sound and lighting equipment for a variety of events. Whether you
need a small rig for a band playing in a pub or a large system for a
festival, we guarantee we have everything you require to make
your event memorable. We believe that a good working
relationship and having a more “personal” relationship with our
clients, reassures them that we are the right company for the job.
You can be confident you will be well received and looked after
throughout the planning and production stages of your event.

We are passionate about what we do, so we will go out of our way to
help our clients get things quickly back on track, should any
unforeseen problems occur (which we understand can happen at
events). The show must go on!

From our experience, our clients require sound crews that are
helpful and easy to get on with, crews who have a good attitude and
genuinely want to help make the event a success. RN Audio will
assist our clients at events wherever possible. We like to think we
are one big team and understand the importance of providing a
more personal service. This work ethic has secured our services at
events time and time again…

Many of our crew also work as session musicians, so we
understand the needs of bands and artists. We find that this makes
a big difference to musicians and allows them to feel more
confident with the services provided, thereby allowing them to
concentrate on their performance and working the crowds rather
than worrying about what the stage sounds and looks like.